MANNOL Racing+Ester 10W60 Packing 4L RM 275





Universal bi-synthetic (PAO + esters) premium motor oil designed for new generations of all types of engines operating in harsh and extreme operating conditions. Designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers of sports and racing cars.

Product properties:
– The maximum range of viscous-temperature properties ensures full engine performance at very high thermal loads, extreme conditions of sporting events and during overloads;
– The ester oil components create an exceptionally resistant oil film, which provides the highest wear resistance and unsurpassed antifriction properties in extreme engine operating conditions, including in heat;
– Due to the presence of ester components, the oil acquires the highest thermo-oxidative stability which, in combination with excellent washing and dispersing properties, ensures exceptional cleanliness of engine parts throughout the entire period of oil use;
– Recommended for use in sports and racing cars;
– It can be used for vehicles with high mileage;
– Has increased resistance to fuel of variable quality and effectively resists liquefaction by fuel;
– It is not advisable to use under normal operating conditions.

Designed for all types of gasoline (carbureted, injection and direct injection) and diesel engines (with and without turbocharging, with direct injection and without) racing, sports and specialized cars and other cars operating in high-accelerated modes, when the level of API performance properties is required SN / CH-4 and below, as well as ACEA A3 / B4.


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